Life at School

Become the Best Version of Yourself

The DaVinci Collaborative provides a learning environment that supports students in becoming equally prepared for post-secondary education and 21st century careers. In a year-round schedule of academic and real world learning, DVC engages students in developing skills through deeper learning projects, where the college-ready content they are learning is applied to real, authentic situations.


Flexible, Year-round Schedule

The DaVinci Collaborative operates on a year-round trimester system to combat summer learning regression while providing flexible schedule options that empower students to design their learning pathways. All DVC students will receive intensive support in English and math in the first year to enable them to build a strong foundation for the remaining years.

After the first year, students will exercise more autonomy in planning their weekly schedules, with oversight and approval from their advisor. As students progress through our program, they will increasingly exercise more choice in determining not only the courses they select, but also the topics of their projects and how they spend their time. They will also spend more time in internship and work opportunities both on- and off-campus. 



Home Away from Home

Each student at the DVC is part of a small learning community of about 16 students called an advisory. The advisory group is a home away from home, where students meet with their advisor and the other group members regularly, developing meaningful relationships. The advisor is a teacher (or other staff member) who works closely with the group to form personal relationships. Each student works closely with her advisor to identify her interests and personalize her learning. 

Check out this video from the Big Picture Learning network to learn more about our advisory model.


Real World Learning

Career Cards

Year 1 -
Interest Exploration & Workplace Skills Development

In their first year, all DVC students will learn essential workplace skills to prepare for their internships in Year 2. Students will tap into their interests as they begin to choose and search for their first internship placements. The DVC utilizes internship training curricula from Big Picture Learning, along with their internship management tool, ImBlaze

intern 2.JPG

Year 2 - Internships

All students will engage in real-world learning through long-term internship placements. Students play an active role in choosing their internship opportunities. Students work closely with their advisor and our Internship Coordinator to find the best fit and to reflect on their learning and progress.


Year 3 & 4 - Internships, Apprenticeships

In their final years at DVC, students exercise more choice in their internship placement. Students can opt for longer-term placements that align with their career and college interests. Some students will choose to participate in more specialized apprenticeship programs depending on their goals.



Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Technology works best when it fits the community it serves. At the heart of the DVC’s technology plan are three main pillars: our learning management system, a Chromebook for every student, and adaptive learning technology. Students, teachers, and families will always be connected through their devices to the student’s course materials, projects, and progress. Students will also learn off-site at internships and on location for particular projects.

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Restorative Practices

The DVC engages in Restorative Practices, including circles and peer mediation. At the core of Restorative Practices lies the belief that human beings are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes in their behavior when those in positions of authority do things with them rather than to or for them (International Institute for Restorative Practices).

By giving students the capacity to avoid conflict, work through differences, and create alternatives to punitive measures, DVC develops students' self-awareness, their ability to reflect on feelings and actions, and to make healthy decisions.